Misting Fans

Misting Fans

Firefighter misting fans are used in the rehabilitation process during and after firefighting operations. Here are some key points about their use:

  1. Cooling Down: Firefighters often face extreme conditions that can lead to heat-related stress and illnesses. Misting fans help lower the body temperature of firefighters after super-heated interior operations or wildfire operations. They create a comfortable cooling atmosphere, reducing air temperature by up to 35 degrees F, depending on ambient temperature and humidity.

  2. Rehabilitation Area: A “rehab” area is set up for firefighters to rehydrate, cool down, and lower their core body temperature into the normal range. Firefighters’ body temperatures can spike over 100 degrees Fahrenheit after completing a mission.

  3. Misting Mechanism: The mister and fan combination uses nozzles that create a fine mist. The smaller the water droplet, the more surface area there is to absorb heat, thus better cooling of the local atmosphere.

  4. Multi-purpose Use: Some firefighting fans come with misters installed on them, which can fulfill multiple missions throughout the operation. First, as a tactical ventilator during or immediately following the firefighting operations, and second, as a rehab mister for recovering firefighter health.

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